Businesses, restaurants, cafes, institutions, manufacturers – anywhere people work and play – produce large amounts of organic waste, which in turn creates a serious waste disposal and environmental problem. Not to mention significant costs! But there is an easy answer…

Compostable food waste can be processed on-site. Wormlovers will audit your business, install a fully scalable Hungry Bin worm farm system to integrate with the waste stream in your business. It looks great, shows you are being environmentally sustainable – and no, it doesn’t smell!

We can –

  •  Audit your waste levels and spending on waste removal

  •  Present an onsite waste management solution

  •  Ensure our solution fits into your current work flow

  •  Train your staff in worm farm processes

  •  Provide signage to promote your green credentials

  •  Offer service and support at a level that suits your needs.

Our Business Services brochure outlines Wormlovers affordable worm farm packages for businesses of every size, including options to hire or buy the bins. We want your business to be sustainable, so let us know how to help you get there.

View details on commercial multi-bin worm systems and how they work.

Contact us to arrange a visit – we are passionate about our work and love talking about how our worms can help save the world…. one worm farm at a time…

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