Helping councils manage food waste

An estimated 35% of municipal waste is food (equivalent to 2.675 million tonnes of waste),  an average of 354kg of food waste per household...

Councils know that waste represents money. The cost of transporting and processing waste could be spent on more productive things. Wormlovers work with councils to dramatically reduce those costs.
We provide services from supplying worm farming products direct to residents, right through to installing and maintaining high volume worm farm systems at council premises.
Wormlovers can provide;
•  Delivery of products direct to your residents
•  A complete solution for residents to order council subsidised products
•  Bulk product to council
•  Online training and face to face workshops for residents and staff
•  Design, install and service of organic waste processing systems
•  Post-initiative surveys to assess waste processed and KPI’s
•  A carbon offset mechanism.
Organic waste can be processed on-site at council depots and municipal buildings. Wormlovers will audit your needs to assess the waste stream in your organisation. We can then install a scalable Hungry Bin worm farm system.
If you don't have the resources to maintain the worm farms, our service model will keep your worm farms healthy and productive.

Download our Councils Services brochure for more details. Visit our comprehensive educational offer for childcare centres and schools in your municipality.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the needs of your LGA.

Council worm farm systems

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