Join the QVM Sustainability Tour and celebrate the International Compost Awareness Week

To celebrate the International Compost Awareness Week in the first week of May, we will be joining Queen Victoria Market as part of their Sustainability Tour to talk about all things worm farming.

Wormlovers have been working with QVM on its mission to minimize food waste and educate the public on the topic of composting for the past 7 years.  We also manage their onsite worm farms, which over this time transformed many tonnes of market organic waste into valuable garden goodness used to feed plants around the market—an excellent model of urban “nutrient cycling” which can be replicated anywhere.

During the tour, you will learn how to shop more environmental-friendly, as well as other learn about QVM’s sustainability and waste initiatives.

When: Friday 6th May at 10am
Cost: $5
Meet:  QVM Visitor Hub, Queen Street

Please book in advance through the QVM website here. Click the green button “More” to see the tab for the “Sustainabile Shopping Tour”.

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