Keeping up with the New Joneses

February means one thing – the New Joneses moving into Melbourne’s CBD to show us all how to live more and use less. Wormlovers is right there with them once again with an on-site worm farm system, and wicking beds that are overflowing with herbs and veggies.

Since 2016 the installation has been so successful it has been extended to three weeks, including daily sessions for school groups. The kids get a tour around the house and hear about all the products, tips and tricks that can allow them to tread lightly on the planet without losing any of the creature comforts we are accustomed to.

We have set up a living nutrient cycle to illustrate how to keep those all important nutrients moving from worm farm, to garden bed, to plate, and back to worm farm.

The concept of a closed loop system is so much easier to understand when it is sitting in front of you, and the Wormlovers classroom has been a big hit.

The kids love seeing the worms, nibbling on the herbs and poking about in the soil and are very switched on to how it all fits together [it is not that hard really…]

The house is open every day while the installation is there. It is a fantastic example of how to live in style without it costing the earth. Literally.

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