Berberis 60 self-watering planter

$49.00 incl GST

The Berberis self-watering planter is a beautiful design and a sturdy build. This single cavity wicking bed trough is great for herbs and flowers. The slim shape fits in windowsills and other small and narrow spaces, helping you maximise your indoor planting needs.

The Berberis is a water wise wicking system – fill the base with water which wicks into the pot.  This minimises evaporation and keeps your plants happy.  You can also add worm juice to feed as you water!
– water gauge
– sturdy securing points for support stakes
– solid build

Dimensions: 590mm x 195mm x 197mm

Download the PDF for more information about our Plastia Self Watering Pots


ACT $15 | NSW $12 | NT $25 | QLD $20 | SA $12 | TAS $15 | VIC $10 | WA $20