Hungry Bin worm farm



The Hungry Bin is the modern wonder of worm farms!

A continuous flow system, the Hungry Bin is far more efficient than worm farms that use stacked trays. The unique shape of the bin creates a large surface area, allowing the worms to easily access the food scraps at the top – they’re surface feeders after all – allowing them to process more waste, more quickly. The tapered sides encourages the worms to stay on the surface, while compressing their castings below.

Please don’t forget to choose the “2000 worms” or “4000 worms” option in the if you are just starting the new worm farm. The more worms you start with, the more organic waste they can process right from the begeinning.

Dimensions: H950mm x D650mm x W600mm


ACT $25 | NSW $29 | NT $65 | QLD $39 |
SA $29 | TAS $39 | VIC $19 | WA $59

  • Delivery is typically within 5-7 working days
  • All deliveries via Australia Post.
  • You will receive tracking details by email 1-2 days after order
  • Please note worms and blankets are delivered seperately to worm farm. Worms are fine in the box for up to 10 days if kept cool


Assembly instructions for your Hungry Bin

Hungry Bin owners manual with what to feed your worms and troubleshooting information.

Week by week calendar and top tips for your new Hungry Bin