School kids in FNQ love the Wormlovers Starter Kit

We were delighted to supply a dozen Wormlovers’ composting and worm farming starter kits to Croydon Shire Council, up in the gulf of Carpentaria, Far North Queensland, as part of their sustainability initiatives for school holidays. The kits were used to stimulate interest and enthusiasm for sustainable organic waste recycling. The local kids loved the kit, which enabled them to get a head start in composting and gardening will help inspire ongoing nutrient cycling in this remote community near the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Patricia from the Council has given us this feedback:

“As part of the school holiday program we are doing a worm farm workshop with the local kids, so they can each get a starter kit and have worms of their own. Croydon is a very dry hot climate and sustainability has been the talk of the town lately, and what better way to introduce gardening than a worm farm!”

The Wormlovers composting and gardening starter kit is comprised of all the essential accessories you need to kick start your home composting or worm farming project and give your garden a treat. Over $120 of value for just $85 which includes FREE delivery.

Our “Worm Farming Starter Kit” features:

  • A 7L kitchen caddy to sit on the kitchen bench for easy collection of your food scraps
  • A hand cultivator to help you thoroughly mix up and aerate food scraps and shredded paper, which is key to a healthy worm farm.
  • 1kg worm farm conditioner to balance and add a complete range of nutrients to your worm farm. It can also be used as a compost accelerator.
  • A thermometer to monitor the temperature of worms’ living environment
  • 1L worm juice to use as a tonic for any of your plants, especially edibles, flowering plants and pot plants
  • 2kg worm castings to boost your plants while you are waiting to harvest the goodies from your own worm farm

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