Client Example worm farm service reports

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Q3 July to Sept
Q4 Oct to Dec
Q1 Jan to March
Q2 April to June


Worm farm service reports

Service dateNext service
14-07-2017Stevensons Lane11-08-2017
27-06-2017Stevensons Lane
09-06-2017Council House 114-07-2017
12-05-2017Council House 109-06-2017
12-05-2017Stevensons Lane09-06-2017
18-03-2017Council House 112-05-2017
15-03-2017Kathleen Syme Community Cetnre09-06-2017
10-03-2017Stevensons Lane14-04-2017
10-02-2017Council House 110-03-2017
10-02-2017Stevensons Lane01-03-2017
06-01-2017Council House 110-02-2017
09-12-2016Kathleen Syme Community Cetnre17-03-2017
09-12-2016Council House 106-01-2017
09-12-2016Council House 106-01-2017
11-10-2016Stevensons Lane08-11-2016
11-10-2016Council House 108-11-2016
16-09-2016Council House 1
06-09-2016Kathleen Syme Community Cetnre13-12-2016
09-08-2016Kathleen Syme Community Cetnre06-09-2016
12-07-2016Stevensons Lane09-08-2016
12-07-2016Kathleen Syme Community Cetnre09-08-2016