The Wormlovers mission is to;

Change by supplying the highest quality worm farming products, nutrient cycling and waste reduction solutions.

Engage everyone who eats in ‘closing the loop’ and keeping their by-products out of the waste stream.

Educate on the issues organic waste create, and the solutions that worm farming present.

Richard Thomas

Richard founded Wormlovers in 2002 to supply worm farming products for agricultural use and to the public.  In 2013 he launched the current iteration of the business which expanded operations to provide worm farming services to councils, schools, businesses and community organisations. 

Richard is an artist, event producer, environmentalist and a total soil nerd.

Gail Davidson

Gail brings many years experience in business management, marketing and design to Wormlovers.   Gail has managed her own businesses, designed products, managed events, toured with circuses and been a magicians assistant. She shares Wormlovers passion for sustainability and promoting grass roots change.

Gail has recently started her own tiny food garden and is currently in a stand off with the local possums. 

Wes Death

Wes is our man on the ground when it comes to servicing commercial worm farms and training staff on how to keep them healthy.  He also manages our school outreach and education programs, business development and other random acts of worm farming.

Yes that is his real name, and when not Wormloving he and his wife are kept busy with the two littlest Deaths.

Team Wormlovers


We have a great bunch of worm lovers who jump in on a regular basis and harvest worms, build wicking beds, brainstorm solutions to a range of problems, and spread the word of the worm on our event stands.

We love them all and couldn't do it without their passion and good humour!


Get in touch if you want more information on all things Wormlovers.