Wyndham City Council’s worm farm and compost discount program

Wyndham City Council’s worm farm and compost discount program aims to supply the best worm farms and home composting systems to Wyndham residents at heavily discounted prices. You can visit the dedicated site “Halve your Household waste”  to access the discounts.

Click on the photo to access Wyndham residents’ discounts.

Wormlovers have been working with City of Wyndham for over 10 years to help residents divert tonnes of organic waste from landfills and recycle food scraps back into garden nutrients in their own homes. Wormlovers are proud to announce that we have been granted a second 3-year contract to continue supplying top quality products to Wyndham City Council’s worm farm and compost discount program.

We have now expanded our range of home composting systems and added edible garden systems as part of this exciting initiative for residents. Some of the new additions to the product list are pet poo composters, Urbalive worm farm, Subpod in ground worm farming system, larger compost tumblers, wicking bed planters and more.

The very stylish indoor worm farm, the Urbalive is now part of our expanded range for Wyndham residents

Discounts for Wyndham residents

If you are a resident of the City of Wyndham, you are eligible for up to 50% off  quality home composting and worm farm systems at Simply order from the shop and once your order is approved, it is generally dispatched within 24 hours. There are fantastic learning resources on the website to help set up and manage your system successfully.

The clever Food Cube wicking bed for productive home grown produce



We are offering the best quality products in a much wider range now!

Why compost?

By starting your own home composting system you are making a significant contribution reducing waste going to landfill by up to 50%, to lowering your greenhouse emissions, with the added bonus of making your plants thrive. You will also find you and your kids connecting to nature in profound ways by learning from the wonderful natural processes of composting and worm farming. There is no better way to promote soil health (and even human health!) than adding composted organic waste to your garden.

We commend City of Wyndham for this generous and significant initiative and encourage Wyndham residents to start your subsidised home composting adventure with us now!

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