Pep up your worms with worm farm conditioner!

Using one or two teaspoons of worm farm conditioner a week keeps your worm farm pumping.

What you are feeding your worm farm will affect the nutrients available to the worms and the microbial content of the entire system. As with our own health, your worm farm benefits from a wide range of suitable foods. Think of your worm farm as being like a stomach digesting food to provide nutrients to the rest of your body. We humans perform best with a healthy diet, however if we are missing important minerals and nutrients in our diet, we might add dietary supplements.

It is exactly the same with a worm farm – our worm’s diet will always be limited to whatever food we provide. By adding the complete range of minerals in Wormlovers worm farm conditioner, we can have happier, healthier worms that can eat the food faster and improve the entire system’s performance.

Our worm farm conditioner – available in 1kg and 5kg – will provide all the minerals required to keep your worms thriving. We blend zeolite, crushed rock (including granite and basalt) and Ag lime (calcium carbonate) to achieve a mineral-rich blend. Ingredients are a blend of fine and coarse particles to allow for both immediate and long slow release of nutrients.

Wormlovers worm farm conditioner is close to PH neutral and has a lower lime content, so you don’t risk tipping the worm farm PH too much. You may have heard that it is essential to add lime to your worm farm to balance the acidity, however lime can easily be over-used and tip the Ph to alkaline. A healthy worm farm with plenty of carbon matter such as shredded paper and cardboard will not be too acidic and shouldn’t require much Ph adjustment. Cardboard and paper tend to be slightly alkaline, and acidity is usually only a problem if food waste has rotted too much due to overfeeding or lack of carbon.

Of course, whatever minerals go into your worm farm will be present in the outputs, so this means your worm juice and worm castings will be much richer and the goodies in the conditioner will have a beneficial effect on your soil and garden productivity. It’s a win-win at both ends of the business!

In addition to all these benefits, there is more! The xeolite in our conditioner can help absorb unpleasant odours produced by nitrogen volatilisation and other gasses, and the grit in the conditioner can help the worms grind up the food faster. More wins for your worms and you!

Worm farm conditioner can also be used in compost bins to achieve the same purpose as described here. It can also be used as a top dressing for soils to reduce mineral deficiencies and assist nutrient cycling (use 50 g per sq m). You can add it to potting mixes and other soil amendments that may be lacking in minerals and nutrient cycling capacity.

By regularly adding one or two teaspoons of conditioner to your worm farm you help to balance the system – adding minerals to improve worm farm efficiency, worm health, and improve the nutrient content of the castings and liquid.

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