Berberis Uno self-watering planter



The Berberis planters are a beautiful design and a sturdy build. A large-capacity pot fits into the unit, allowing plants to be switched out individually. The pots are big enough for vegetables or flowering plants.

The Berberis is a water wise wicking system – fill with water which wicks into the individual pots.  This minimises evaporation and keeps your plants happy.  You can also add worm juice to feed as you water!
– water gauge
– sturdy securing points for support stakes
– solid build

Dimensions: 490mm x 390mm x 350mm

Download the PDF for more information about our Plastia Self Watering Pots


ACT $15 | NSW $12 | NT $25 | QLD $20 | SA $12 | TAS $15 | VIC $10 | WA $20

We also have the double planter Berberis Duo. Or you can step it up to the Berberis Trio.