Wormlovers worm farm conditioner



Wormlovers worm farm conditioner helps to balance your worm farm by adding a complete range of minerals which improves worm health and the efficiency of your farm.

The conditioner will also boost your worm farm outputs, adding valuable minerals to the nutrient rich castings and worm juice.

Wormlovers worm farm conditioner is PH neutral and unlike lime based powders will not make your worm system too alkaline.

1kg conditioner includes free delivery; 5kg conditioner

ACT $15 | NSW $12 | NT $25 | QLD $20 | SA $12 | TAS $15 | VIC $10 | WA $20

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A blend of crushed minerals, including zeolite, basalts, granites and magnesium carbonate

Sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons across the feed layer of your worm farm weekly.