How to be an expert home composter

Top 10 easy to follow rules for ultimate worm farm and compost bin health. 1. What is the best advice for someone new to home composting? Don’t sweat the small […]

plastia bokashi

Meet the new Plastia Bokashi composter

The European designer Plastia Bokashi composter is finally available to the OZ market now and we are proud to introduce you to this wonderful product, as well as the magic […]

Why my worms “escape”?

It is not uncommon to see worms gathering on the underside of the worm farm lid, or on top of your worm blanket, however it is generally nothing to worry […]

Composting for Climate

Most of us are very concerned about climate change and asking what we can do to help on a personal level. Along with reducing transport and electricity emissions, composting organic […]