Plastia, solution to small space compositng & gardening. On sale now!

Wormlovers have been delighted to work with our partner Ryset to introuduce you the European designer series PLASTIA, which is on sale now for Christmas. If you are not yet familiar with their products, here is a brief outline of the smartly-designed gardening and  products.

Small Berberis Self-watering Planters

Berberis 60      $49      $39

Berberis 80      $59      $49

The 60cm and 80cm long Berberis self-watering planter is a beautiful design and a sturdy build. This single cavity wicking bed trough is great for herbs and flowers. The slim shape of the self-watering planter fits in windowsills and other small and narrow spaces, helping you maximise your small space planting needs.


Large Berberis Self-watering Planters

Berberis Uno       $99      $69

Berberis Duo       $159     $129

Berberis Trio       $224     $179

The Berberis planters are larger self-watering planters, with 1,2 and 3 growing units of your choice. A large-capacity pot fits into each growing unit, allowing plants to be switched out individually. The pots are big enough for vegetables or flowering plants that has longer growing windows and demands. Having wheels on the bottom also means you can move them freely on the balcony, patio and terraces.


Berberis water wise planter

Urbalive Worm Farm

$289     $239

The Urbalive Worm Farm is stylish and easy to use, even for the beginners. The worm farm has a tight fitting lid, stacker trays where the worms transform food scraps into vermicompost, with a tank base where the worm juice is collected. Odour-free and good for indoor.



Urbalive Self-watering Planters

High    $159     $129

Low     $149     $119

The Urbalive planter is suitable for interiors and roofed terraces. It is perfect for houseplants, flowers, herbs or less demanding vegetables.

Its wooden legs are not only stylelish, but also provide easy access to plants, placing them at a pleasant viewing height. The sophisticated self-watering system simplifies care and, along with vermicompost and worm tea, helps maintain optimal conditions for healthy plant growth.


Plastia Bokashi Composter

$149     $119

The Plastia bokashi composter is an indoor bin designed for the processing of organic household waste, which uses fermenting bacteria (EM, or Effective Microorganisms) to transform organic waste to a fermented liquid and fermented mixture. Read more about the magic of bokashi compoisting.



Some Photos from: Britt Spring Photography

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